Antique Dolls

At one time, you could find antique dolls at Debra’s Dolls. This store featured collectible dolls for children and collectors. The store was once located in the historic Mullica Hill area of New Jersey. Mullica Hill, NJ is located just outside of Philadelphia near the building owned by newjersey-insurance.net. While visiting the store, customers received personal attention for their doll needs. Be sure to take a look at the page Our Store for more information on shop hours and events.

The main purpose of this site was to show doll enthusiasts unable to visit the shop, what the shop has to offer. Doll orders at one time were able to be placed online here. The online shop at Debra’s Dolls showcased articles based on dolls, dolls for sale, doll collecting tips, terms you should know when collecting.

Antique Dolls

The antique dolls that were once offered at Debra’s Dolls were very diverse. The dolls included materials of paper mache, wax, china, paper, and bisque. The antique dolls offered here were all dressed in antique clothes. These clothes were guaranteed free of damage and any signs of repairs. The shop sold antique clothes for dolls, accessories, books and so much more.

Collectible Play Dolls

Debra’s Dolls also sold collectible dolls by Madame Alexander, Lee Middleton, Vougue, Kathe Kruse, Adora, Berenguer, NABCO, GUND, and Corolle. You would also be able to find American Girl Doll clothes here as well. The shop was also once home to many types of collectible play dolls. If you could not find the right collectible doll for you, the shop could special order the collectible doll for you.

Doll Restoration

Debra’s Dolls used to offer doll restoration while the shop was still up and running. The restoration process was available for any doll type and age. While in the restoration process all dolls were insured fully. The process also met museum conservation standards.